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Patricia Reinhart

Ein Nachtstück

Installation vidéo | | noir et blanc | 5:10 | Autriche | 2012

An end. Impasse. The ciné collages, 3 screenings parallel, only in black and white, without tone. The dialogue takes place between the individual scenes. By using different imaging sequences and lengths a new conflict, a new language, a new image is created. Ein Nachtstück is created in great detail from still photographs. Reinhart uses a technique to make her film loops which she has named ciné-collage.
 Multiple still photographs of characters and location details are collaged together in painterly layers and given just enough movement to provide a depth of colour and space.
 Architectural elements and public spaces of Paris are montaged together to present a destroyed, post-apocalyptic world. By using the bilateral symmetry of a building and its surroundings, or seen in the tradition of the Rorschach test, perspectives change. The world reflects itself, and seems to break and collapse. Patricia Reinhart created a world full of darkness, fear and the feeling of oppression. The disaster of the present has become an irrevocable reality. Lautréamont`s " Les Chants de Maldoror " and Max Ernst`s collages "Une semaine de Bonté" influenced Reinhart during the process of developing this work.

Patricia Reinhart studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna/AT and currently lives in Paris/FR. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe, including solo exhibitions at Gallery Lisa Ruyter/AT, Gallery Dana Charkasi/AT, marks blond project/CH, as well as public screenings at the beach in Venezuela and Spain. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at Kunst im Tunnel/DE, Eglise Saint-Merry Paris/FR, Kerstin Engholm Gallery/AT, Essl Museum/AT and she also showed video work at Paris Nuit Blanche 2013. Works of her`s are included in many collections such as CCA Andratx/ES, Essl Museum/AT and Ursula Blickle Archiv - Kunsthalle Wien/AT.