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Pablo Kaes


Documentaire | hdcam | couleur | 9:0 | Allemagne | 2013

Deep in the mountains of Patagonia live two people. We see how a day starts. It is dark and cold outside. An old man drinks mate, the typical Argentinian drink. Then he starts his daily tour with his sheeps. The day goes by in silence. In the evening they have to kill a goat. And eat it. No distractions. Nothing needless. Just life.

Pablo Kaes, born 1988 in Mainz, Germany. 2008/2009 Social working in Guadalajaras / Mexico 2010 Assistand director trainee 2010 Studies Film Directing at HFF "Konrad Wolf" in 2010. 2013/2014 Studies Dirección at Universidad del Cine, Buenos Aires 2015 Estimated degree Diplom Regisseur