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Kuba garscia
Flora the Movie
Multimedia installation, Install plantation | hdv | color | 4'57'' | Poland | 2015
It is install_plantation or instant_plant or augmented plant. It is collection of objects and plants connected with moving mechanisms and multimedia devices like routers, usb hubs, lights, speakers. First, Im composing flora objects. Finding flowers, moss, bark, elements of nature and grow them in unusual pots, together with technology, electricity, lights. The goal is to create co-working life organism from different environments. Then, Im constructing kind of stage or altar from lost and found, DIY, elements, ready made objects, old fashion, destroyed furniture, audio-video recorders, computers etc. Next, Im adding projection mapping on interesting surfaces of composed objects (installation). Fitting animations to situations. Extending installation with another dimension and living structure - projection.
Born in 1988 in Krakow. He has graduated from Intermedia Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Author of many multi-dimensional installations, immersive projects, install_plantations and digital flora. Works in the fields of postproduction, 3D mapping, interaction, objects collection, movement and design. Organizes, exhibitions and audio-visual performances. He marked the beginning of projection mapping movement in Poland and become influential and active person in new media community till now-days. He is trying to connect and explore all of the various codes of visual communication and their ability to process in order to apply them in specific urban spaces and/or exhibitions. Within the flexibility of visual language he creates multi-dimensional contemporary and site specific installations. Currently lives and works in Warsaw. His art was exhibited in galleries, festivals and other special events around Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark. He is moderating audio visual experiences and animating people around visual art platform and gallery called K105K in Warsaw. He is co-founder of postproduction studio Locomotive.pl and flora and art lovers Project Utopia.