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Thomas taube
Experimental film | 4k | color | 30'48'' | Germany | 2020
The world as we know it began in California in the last quarter of the century. The development of the high-speed motion photography becomes a lens for a larger story about the transformation of time and space. It is the base for what becomes later Hollywood and Silicon Valley both that most powerfully defined contemporary life says Rebecca Solnit. However, the world as we know it was also shaped by the European colonialism at the end of the 15th century. It defines our contemporary perspective on our so called norm and the relation amongst each other. It is also the origin of the cause why we are able to live how we live. It is the base for the division between the privileged and the others. Occident was the name of a horse, which motions became famous. Occident is also the definition of how the west differentiate itself from the rest of the world. It is the spine of what seems to be the normative and leads to the reason why it is not us, who drowns in the sea, who fabric our textiles, who dig for our ressources or who work in zones to extract toxic materials which are seemingly gone for long, but in reality are still around us as the people who are in touch with it. We live in a reality of present absent materials which are around us and defines the relation between a system’s different extensions.
Thomas Taube is a video artist living and working in Jena. He studied with Clemens von Wedemeyer and Candice Breitz. In his works, Thomas Taube detaches the medium of film from its linear and stringent narrative structures. With multi-channel installations, associative, reflective and surreal sequences Taube works against conventional cinematographic codes. Abolishing the immediacy of the medium through epic elements and discontinuous montage, his works aim to distinguish between seeing, observing, experiencing, and reflecting. His works are shown nationally and internationally in institutions such as the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig or the Center for Contemporary Photography Melbourne, in galleries and festivals, for example in the German Competition of the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen or at Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin. He won the prize of the Leipziger Jahresausstellung 2015, the Marion Ermer Prize 2016 and received various scholarships such as the KDFS residency scholarship at the ISCP New York. His work can be found in various collections, including the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden. He published "The Whirr of the Image Machine" in 2015 with Spector Books. Taube is currently represented by Reiter Galleries (Berlin/Leipzig).