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Christoph girardet
It Was Still Her Face
Film expérimental | hdv | noir et blanc | 8'0'' | Allemagne | 2017
Portraits of women. And men, who are spellbound by them. The painted portraits, a recurring motif of film noir as well as European postwar cinema, aesthetically stand in a tradition of an outmoded academic style that is bent on striking likeness with the model. They are revenants, omens of absence, metaphors for loss and death, objects of desire and fixation, which mesmerize both the viewer in the movie and in front of the screen.
Christoph Girardet, born in Langenhagen, Germany, in 1966. Lives in Hannover. Studied at the Braunschweig HBK. filmography (single channel, selection) 1991 Schwertkampf 1993 Fieberrot 1996 Release 2001 Scratch 2002 Absence 2004 Fiction Artists (with Volker Schreiner) 2007 Pianoforte | Storyboard 2012 The Eternal Lesson | Dirigible 2014 Fabric 2015 Synthesis 2017 It Was Still Her Face collaborations with Matthias Müller 1999 Phoenix Tapes 2002 Manual | Beacon 2003 Play | Mirror 2006 Kristall 2009 Contre-jour | Maybe Siam 2011 Meteor 2013 Cut 2016 personne