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Enrique ramirez
Deux faisceaux blancs groupés et rotatifs
Experimental fiction | 4k | color | 24'41'' | Chile / France | 2017
In this twilight work, the sea appears calm or turbulent: effusions of foam stand out against dark matter, the beam of light mechanically pierces the night sky, and multiple voices accompany this elemental choreography. One voice invites us to discover the beliefs of certain Native American tribes, who felt that the white marks in the sky (the stars) were holes through which entered the light of the universe, where darkness did not exist. Other famous voices revive great moments of political history, burning words that have guided humanity, or evocations of tragic events that have left it distraught. This confirms the existential and generic dimension of Enrique Ramírez’s universe, profoundly structured by the motif of cycle, revolution and eternal beginnings. There is no moralism in this meditative approach: the artist suggests rather the clandestine development of thought, and the experience of immersion in the noise of the world.
Enrique Ramírez. Born in 1979 in Santiago, Chile. He has a master degree in Contemporary art and New Media in Studio National of art contemporain Le Fresnoy, France. Enrique Ramirez’s work could be described as poetic incursions towards the humanization of contemporary dystopias. His film-installations and photography deals with the politics of exodus and exile and the discontinuity of memory, but for Ramirez this always means an arduous search into subjective imaginary. The vast landscapes that often appear in his works are conceived as geo-poetic spaces for imagination, territories open for vision and deambulation. The mood of the images is a contemplative one; the landscape, the breeze, the water, the sand, they all seem to work together in an effort to place a subjective view.