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Jamie buckley
A Visitor
Experimental doc., Visual Art | hdv | color | 13'44'' | Ireland / Germany | 2017
A Visitor, 2017, takes as a starting point the modernisation of a somewhat neglected memorial site at a former mass killing site in Germany. The video documents the replacement of older information panels and the changes to the landscape over an extended period of time. The video also draws on both a chance encounter with a beekeeper sent to contain and collect a “ stray ” swarm of honey bees at the site, and an archive interview conducted by historians at the nearby home of Maria Seidenberger. Seidenberger was a teenager at the time of the mass killings. She secretly helped concentration camp prisoners to smuggle and hide items that included clandestine photographs, letters, a heart and a death mask. The emerging portrait of the site exposes a multiplicity of narratives and reflects on themes such as subversion, guilt and remembrance. The persistence of material objects is questioned while resisting a linear view of history and memory.
Jamie Buckley is an artist who is originally from Kerry, Ireland but is now based in Munich, Germany. He completed an MFA at the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2012. Screenings and exhibitions include: LUX, London (2018); AMINI, Belfast (2017, 2015); Rencontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin (2014, 2012); Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast (2013); Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Institute of Contemporary Art, London and Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (2012).