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Nicolas boone
Etage 39
Experimental fiction | 4k | color | 29'0'' | France | 2017
In an indeterminate space, against a backdrop of virgin landscapes with no trace of civilisation, exotic beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, coastlines and volcanoes, the X (1) wander around. One of them, who we quickly identify as a kind of moderator, comes in and out of the group. He strikes up conversations, interrupts them and restarts them. Everyone improvises. 1 The X is what I call the 10 characters in the Bressonian sense. They were chosen for their eloquence and unique imaginations.
French filmmaker Nicolas Boone began as a visual artist and performer, but gradually got into film directing. He makes primarily short-length films ? both documentaries and fictional movies. Over the past few years, many of them have ended up at renowned film festivals (FID Marseille, IndieLisboa, IFF Rotterdam, and others). Boone?s only full-length documentary to date is the social fresco 200% (2011).