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Daniela franco
Tiada Tajuk
Video | dv | color | 4'9'' | Mexico / Malaysia | 2006
"Tlada Tajuk" is a video made during an artistic residence in Kuala Lumpur (Malasia). A group of artists was invited by the School of Fine Arts in Paris and by the Malaysian Ministry of Culture to spend some weeks in Kuala Lumpur in order to create a piece of work which would reflect their experience in Malaysia. In a complex country where, at least three ethnic groups with their languages, their cultures, their food, their respective religions interact together, the English language was chosen to introduce Malaysia to the West. English serves both as a means to communicate as well as a common filter. Attempting to get an idea of Kuala Lumpur in such a short time, as it is usually the case in this type of experience, was proven impossible. The result is, of course, closer to a diary that says more about the artist than about the city itself.
The artist Daniela Franco was born in Mexico and currently lives in Paris. She employs a variety of mediums to show usually collective and interdisciplinary projects. She files other people's collections, carefully preserving letters addressed to strangers and photographs of people she has never met. She critiques concerts in which she has never participated and exhibits she has never seen. She has been awarded the Fullbright and Rockefeller Scholarships. He work has been included in individual and collective exhibitions throughout the world. She is currently working on "Sundays at Waikiki," a photography book made in collaboration with some members of the French group Oulipo as well as other writers, which will be published in 2009.