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Alice anderson
Souffler n'est pas jouer
Experimental fiction | betaSP | color | 14'30'' | France | 2005
In a gymnasium, a seventeen year old girl is training on a trampoline. Her father, who is coaching her, is barking out instructions. The forced training causes her to suffer but she is obsessed with the idea of winning the big double somersault competition. With the prize money her father will finally be able to pay their debts. Natasha cannot disappoint him. She has the feeling that he doesn't love her as much now that she has grown up. The gold medal will change everything. The accident is inevitable, she misses her landing and hurts her head. Lacking money, his father decides to look after her himself: the mother recommands total isolation in one particular room of the house. For several weeks, the father has been observing Natasha through the key hole of the room with mirrors. She talks alone, he thinks. And she doesn't look like she wants to get better. The great somersault competition seems compromised. Then, one day, the door opens and Natasha receives a gift from her father: a role-play. The mother gets dangeroulsly close to her. Now she is ready. She convinces her father to contact the judges of the federation so that they accept her late inscription to the competition. She is determined to show them what she is capable of, her father is going to love her again, unless her mother intervenes...
Alice Anderson was born in London in 1976 and was raised in the south of France. She studied at the Beaux-Arts of Paris (1998-2001), received the Gilles Dusein prize for her videos (2002), then left for London to complete a M.A. at Goldsmiths College in London (2002-04), where she has been living since. She has shown her work in such prestigious places as: The European House of Photography, The Pompidou Centre, Emap Museum in Korea, The Anna Norlender Museum in Sweden, The Man Museum in Italy, Bloomberg Space in London, and Art Unlimited in Basel. Most recently she presented a new tale at the Yvon Lambert Gallery at her personal exhibition in January 2007.