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Ansuya blom
Hither come down on me
Experimental film, Video installation | 16mm | black and white | 11'15'' | Netherlands | 2007
Being the third and last section in the series "Cowboys and Indians", "Hither Come down on me" deals with the disquiet at the heart of the town.There is a voice which speaks directly to the protagonist, giving him orders. Contrary to the first two sections "Chapter Three" and "Nervous", it is here that the language is moving and provides a particular auditory experience. Our perception is distorted by the spatial experience.
Ansuya Blom has been working as an artist since 1977. She is both a painter and a film director. Her work, which is always in the first person singular, deals with the individual and his /her relationship with the world. Her work has been exhibited in numerous art galleries in the Netherlands and elsewhere. An entire exhibition of her paintings and films was organised at Camden Arts Centre in london, as well as at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin and at the Steelijk Art Gallery in Amsterdam. Her films have notably been screened at the Gallery of Modern Art in New York.