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Parcourez le catalogue des Rencontres Internationales, effectuez une recherche dans les archives des oeuvres présentées depuis 2004. De nouveaux extraits vidéos sont régulièrement mis en ligne, les images et les textes sont progressivement mis à jour.
Linda Chiu-han lai
I Told Them My Camera Was On
Experimental doc. | dv | color | 24'44'' | Hongkong | 2005
The video is a narrative game reconstructing Lai?s own video diaries (1990-2004) and found footage. It plays with the thin line between remembering and fabricating, recording and staging, documentary and story? It subverts causal narrative logic and shows 13 women?s stories as a network of acquaintances, each in an isolated moment of her life. Questions on the practice of auto-ethnography are raised via ?the politics of the everyday.?
Currently teaching full-time at the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, Linda Lai is a inter-disciplinary artist, curator, creative writer, scholar and historian. She did her Ph.D. in Cinema Studies at the New York University. Her scholarly and creative research includes cultural studies, film theory/history, narrative experimentation and creative writing, with a switching move into image & text, digital media, intermediality, cybertextuality and visual ethnography.