Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Enea zucchetti
L'azzurro del cielo
Film expérimental | 4k | couleur | 10'49'' | Suisse | 2019
A silent city, mysteriously devoid of inhabitants, is crossed by a man who has come from a faraway country. The anonymised architecture that composes the urban landscape guides the person into an inaccessible space, the city cemetery, which will make him reflect on his own identity.
Enea Zucchetti was born in Lugano in 1996. Since childhood he has developed a strong interest in cinema and visual arts. In 2017 he moved to Milan where, influenced by the language of documentary and photography, he began to experiment with the image through audiovisual projects. Currently his artistic research touches on the themes of architecture, urban planning and contemporary landscape. His first short film, "L?azzurro del cielo", was selected at the 72nd Locarno Festival and other national and international film festivals.