Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Carlos irijalba
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 4'20'' | Espagne / | 2012
INERTIA. Device and residue. Just as an eye blink denies the presence of a specific space or time within a continuum, so a frame freezes a particular place and moment. It is the indivisible unit of the audiovisual mechanism, and its basic inductor is light. Thereby begins a journey that takes us from the real to the represented, finally leading us to that ultimate reality, the document. Inertia deals with the construction of reality. The route is a place and the vector imposes itself on the object. The present then tends to disappear in a continuous movement and what happens is indeed its non-presence. Over its four-minutes length, Inertia responds to the conventions of rhythm, visual axes, and other narrative norms with the rules that we use to assimilate the entire audiovisual spectrum. There occurs a specific accident between the fragile rules of narration and the sophistication of what is staged, confronted with the inescapable physical connotations of gravity, weight, or the volume of the elements in its service.
Carlos Irijalba (Pamplona, 1979) graduated in 2002 at the Fine Arts Basque Country University and studied at UDK Berlin is actually resident at Rijksakademie Amsterdad. Awarded Purificacion Garcia photography first Prize and the Revelation PhotoEspaña Prize among others, he also received the Guggenheim Bilbao Photography grant in 2003 or the Marcelino Botín Foundation in 2007/08. Irijalba has exhibited at international Art Museums, including the CCCB Barcelona or Herzliya Museum Israel. In projects as Unwilling Spectator (2010) or Inertia (2012) works between relative experience of time and space and the collective construction of the real.