Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel collective
Hello Brother
Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 3'49'' | Taiwan | 2018
The unknown village exists when the residents blink. The scenery of nothing. The identity of no one. The relationship of the dream two. The breeze travels through the subtropics of the tropics. A museum of no-name rocks. Hypnotic symbolic acts. Some weight in the pocket. Magnetic boy, the fog, the breeze doesn`t walk.
Val Lee has been the director of Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel Art Collective (2009-Now) and creates live art works that builds constructed ephemeral situations where the audience enters a poetic constellation of action script, installation, sound, hypnotic rhetoric, composite structure, mise-en-scène, and space. Their works currently focus on urban violence, political turmoil, body memories of the unusual state, and the diversified modes of psychological absorption and participation for public audiences. Through the continuous collaborations of friends from visual arts, performing arts, experimental music and activism, their interdisciplinary yet site-responsive works form some dialogue and resistance in a dream. "Hello Brother" is their only video.