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Eva giolo
Experimental film | hdv | color | 23'41'' | Belgium | 2016
Remote is a suggestive story. Portrait of a tender companionship in a secluded Irish countryside. Residing in the simplicity of the moment, the waiting and the repetition of days. This is a place where there is no space for imagining a future other than the perpetual repetition of the present. This is a place for survival, to be strong, alone with the wind, eyes burnt by the light. A place of unspoken tenderness, a landscape of silence and solitude in which there will always be someone.
Eva Giolo (b.1991 Brussels) is an audio visual artist. Her practice is predominantly made of filmic portraits that weave between fiction and documentary. They focus on individuals, almost always facing a certain kind of loneliness. She mainly focus on those individuals in their daily life, scripting and observing their actions and daily gestures through the camera. They often touch upon universal human themes and explore the relationship between loss, time and memory. But also the in-between language of the camera and the subject. Presenting memories, images and portraitures as something that can be manipulated and seen with multi-perspectives. Questioning the power of images is a recurrent theme and memories often stand as a central narrative. Giolo obtained a BA and MA in Fine Arts at the Media Arts department of the Royal Academy of Arts (KASK), Ghent. She completed her music education at the Institute of Contemporary Music in London. Recent screenings and exhibitions include: Imagine Science Film Festival, New York; TAZ#17, Ostend; Côté court, Paris; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen; BOZAR, Brussels; Courtisane Film Festival, Ghent; Ishibiki Gallery, Kanazawa; In Out Film Festival, Gdansk among others. Giolo won the VAF Wildcard for experimental film (2016) and is a founding member of the small distribution and production platform elephy. Eva Giolo is a post-grad art resident at HISK in Ghent (2018-2020). She currently works and lives in Brussels.