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Isabell heimerdinger
Soon It Will Be Dark
Experimental film | 4k | | 22'49'' | Germany | 2020
Life on the island follows the changing pace of day and night. Where the only road seeps into the forest, the air gets warmer, more humid. Here, in the shade of tall trees, a man is at work with his tool. The sounds he produces blend in with the sounds of the all-embracing nature. His daily routine is directed by light and shadow until the sun sets. At night, at the other end of the road, his loneliness is softened by the voices of the others, next to the warming fire, until the first light.
Isabell Heimerdinger was born in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied sculpture at the Kunst-akademie Düsseldorf and received an MFA in photography at the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles. During her years in Hollywood, she made a living working in special effects animation. Unsurprisingly her art work revolves around the conditions of filmmaking. In 2008, she shot her first narrative short film in France (Detour), followed by a series of experimenal films set in Beijing (Good Friends, Blind Date, Mr. Xu) and in Italy (Giorgio). While the settings of her films are always real, the stories and the characters that inhabit them are not. Isabell Heimerdinger lives and works in Berlin. Her films have been shown among other venues at Berlinische Galerie, Kino Arsenal, Centre George Pompidou, Art Film at Art Basel, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen and various international film festivals.