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Denis pavlovic
Zwischen Gestern und Morgen (Between Yesterday and Tomorrow)
Documentary | 16mm | color | 25'15'' | Germany | 2016
The story of a man who came to Germany 17 years ago. It’s the 31.12.2017, a day in the life of Niaz Ahmadzai from Afghanistan. A never ending story of work, existence, love, familiy and an unfulfilled personality. The perfect integration of a fully functioning machine.
Denis Pavlovic, born in 1987 in Stuttgart, presented his first film "Smoother in 350ml" at the No Budget Festival in Tubingen in 2008. Thereupon he studied 3 years Film & Video at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. After his graduation he worked as an interne at the Documentary Production Company "Kloos und Co. Medien" in Berlin. In 2011 Denis accomplished his first long movie called "Paranoid Places" and in 2013 his second full-length documentary „Wo tanzen wir morgen" which celebrated its Premiere at the 19th Filmschau Baden-Wurttember Festival. In order to its success it was distributed via Teamwerk Stuttgart. Today Denis is studying documentary direction at the Filmakademie Baden- Wurttemberg and works as a freelancer filmmaker and artist. The main themes his films are about modern society in the midst of globalism and industrialism.