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Eva l'hoest
Under Automata
Experimental film | 4k, full Hd | black and white | 10'49'' | Belgium | 2017
Sleepers manually scanned in 3D during a flight over the Atlantic Ocean. This project used a last generation of video game sensor camera turned into a 3D scan. The shooting device was exclusively made during the flight, in the tension of being catch by autority.
Eva L'Hoest (1991, Belgium), focuses primarily on the exploration of memory and its strange and minute lingering reality. She tracks the often blurred and non-specific ways in which reminiscence appears. Working on the outer edge of perception where it becomes affect and emotion; starting out with accidents of light like “the operator of a memory who interprets, distorts selects or sometimes saturates and alters the images”*, Eva L’Hoest is an artist whose intuition plays a decisive role. Intuition as a working method, a decisional process in the literal sense given that intuito, i.e. “the regard”, is its etymological Latin root. Her work defines “a single plastic modality which is that of a clouded form, a migratory form, as if the subjects in question had all been taken in a transitory state between construction and deconstruction, reconstruction and erasure”*.