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Pierre-jean giloux
Invisible Cities
Video | hdv, mp4 | color | France / Japan | 2017
"Invisible Cities" 2015/2017 form a video tetralogy that draws portraits of several Japanese cities and questions the notions of urban landscapes. These futuristic fictions have as departure points the Japanese urban and social realities filmed and photographed and then extended by images of syntheses, what is commonly called augmented reality. Pierre-Jean Giloux resided at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto where he directed "Stations" the fourth and final installment of "Invisible Cities".
The work of Pierre Jean Giloux is the result of ongoing research related to new technologies, especially to associations and hybridised photographic images, videos and computer graphics. Through digital technology, he developes a work of collage, the editing of visual and sound compositions that ometimes include 2d and 3d animation sequences. Pierre Jean Giloux seeks to create a language usi ng sound and image that combines elements of pop culture and the mass media with more "learned" cultures which refer to the visual arts and architecture. His video films are in between, they draw heavily from reality tending towards fiction.He likes to cohabit the virtual and the real with the aim of establishing a dialogue and questioning our relation to the real. There is a common denominator in all these films, the making of staged worlds, built on elliptical modes.The post production work gives him the opportunity to rework the images, which has the effect of altering the perception of the real, putting a distance in place. The installations of Pierre Jean Giloux, whether photographic o r filmic are structured, composed, but still leave the viewer a great deal of freedom for association and interpretation.