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la decanatura, elkin calderón guevara & diego piñeros garcía
Pluralia tantum bon bril
Experimental video | hdv | color | 4'49'' | Colombia | 2017
SYNOPSIS A Colombian video-contribution between the collective La Decanatura and the queer-artist Federica Burns presents the creation of the universe - the big bang - in a new way: Their work aims to subvert the lopsided vision of the white male sovereignty in the representation of the Creator in order to devise a god of ambiguity. As a hybrid being this god is neither male nor female but genderless, mestizo, playful, and plural has put on make-up and is dancing with a fire produced with a "Bon Bril" (kitchen steel wool sponges ) that is used as a fireworks in popular neighborhoods in Colombia and Brazil. Title: PLURALIA TANTUM BON BRIL Director: LA DECANATURA (Diego Piñeros García & Elkin Calderón) Production: LA DECANATURA (Diego Piñeros García & Elkin Calderón) Camera: Johannes Förster Edition: LA DECANATURA (Diego Piñeros García & Elkin Calderón) Actor: Abner Wagner a.k.a Federica Burns Makeup artist: Martín Ortegón Duration: 5 min Technical details: Recorded in 4K, final Version in Full HD, 1920 x 1080 stereo
LA DECANATURA. Collective formed by artists Elkin Calderón Guevara and Diego Piñeros García that seeks to generate new approaches to art from historical approaches and "foreign" disciplines that inquire hegemonic forms of knowledge and power. LA DECANATURA has been the winner of different awards for the development of artistic projects such as the Residence in Switzerland, Villa Ruffieaux of the Coincidence Program, Pro Helvetia, 2018. Plataforma Bogota Scholarship in art, Science and Technology 2017/18. They have exhibited individually at the Museum of Modern Art in Medellin, Caja Negra (Black Box) 2017. Also they have participated in the Regional Salon for Artists in the Central Zone 2015 and in the National Artists Salon, 2016. Their work "Centro Espacial Satelital de Colombia" has been shown in important festivals, winner of one of the prizes of the Videobrasil Festival 2017 and is part of the Art Collection of the Banco de la República in Colombia.