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Thomas mohr
Matters of Time
Video | hdv | color | 12'35'' | Netherlands | 2019
From Berlin to Hiroshima, from Hiroshima to Berlin. From Past to Now, from Now to Past. Connecting events, remembering the suffering of war and new beginnings. Observations. 7 identical defined time units each containing a series of 24 progressing intervals of shifting box systems descending from 25x25=625 to 2x2=4 images. The construction of each unit is exactly the same, the content of each unit is entirely individual. Walking through a winter night in Berlin, going from Miyajima island to Hiroshima, the experience of My Facebook Timeline Having devastating destruction in mind and reconstruction. Straight forward, up side down, rotating. Positive, negative. Complex layers, more complex layers. Text, subtext.
Biografy: Moving, changing, transformation, experience. Exploring processes of perception and memory systematically since the late 1980ties. From 1985 onwards a growing archive containing more then 500000 pictures and thousands screenshots regarding a wide range of events of transition from a collective meaning to very personal moments. Living and working in Amsterdam. Distributed by LIMA. Sreenings at various festivals since 2009: IFFR/Rotterdam, JMAF/Tokio, Ars Electronica/LInz, Transmediale Berlin, IFF Japan, NeMaf/Seoul, IKFF/Hamburg, Jihlava IDFF, HAFF/Utrecht, Media Art Biennale Wro, Rencontres Paris/Berlin, EMAF, Atonal Berlin