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Ben pointeker
Experimental video, Video Installation | hdv | color | 6'0'' | Austria | 2017
A cinematic poem shrouded in shadow and mist. An image of water whose surface reflects the surrounding light. The hands of a woman holding a purse in the gloom of a city street. A snow-covered mountain landscape with massive trees reached by a cable lift. Through the sensitive composition of the film, these seemingly banal images begin to speak and reveal an inner world, an inward dream landscape of anxiety, alienation, isolation, and desire. Entrancing poetry relies on a delicate grasp but it’s impossible to resist its inner magic. (Hubert Poul)
Ben Pointeker is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Vienna. His work often sets in between film and photography and is concerned with poetics, patterns of narrative cinema, the notion of time, ambiguous realities and fantasy. Previously based in The Netherlands he graduated from Piet Zwart Institute and won the Prix de Rome basic award. He is also a graduate of the University of applied arts Vienna and was artist in residence at Wiels in Brussels, in Shanghai and most recently at Bòlit in Girona in the framework of The Spur. He has exhibited at institutions such as Secession Vienna, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Filmmuseum Amsterdam and major film festivals.