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Sj ramir
In This Valley of Respite, My Last Breath...
Experimental video | hdv, Digital video | color | 5'6'' | New Zealand / Australia | 2017
A valley starved of light. Weariness. Fatigue. An offering of shelter; a surrender of breath...
Originally a photographer, artist/filmmaker SJ.Ramir later moved to digital video - shooting scenes of lone figures moving across remote and isolated geographical landscapes. The landscapes and structures in his films are often a mix of real and/or constructed 3D models. The prominent style of his films came from early years of experimentation with custom-made lens filters. These filters enhanced video pixels and produced hazy, distorted images, which Ramir felt were visually suggestive of emotional states connected with a central theme in his work: isolation. His films have been exhibited at art galleries worldwide and screened at many prestigious film festivals including: the 67th Venice International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam (2009 and 2010), Edinburgh International Film Festival (2012 and 2013), Melbourne International Film Festival (2011) and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2009).