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Ansuya blom
Video | hdv | black and white | 6'31'' | Netherlands / | 2012
SPELL is a short video documenting the thoughts of a man who seems to be in a state between sleep and wakefulness. The sounds he hears within the space where he lives seem to invade his thoughts and get amplified. They mix with associative sounds from his past. Meanwhile the reality around him appears to deform at times. In this in-between world he tries to het a grip on his state, contemplating early beginnings but at the same time mocking his own state, the futility of actions and the daily rituals of existence. The images for this film were shot in the Doesburg Foundation in Meudon, during a residency in 2010 - 2011. The house, with it`s historic past bore many traces from history and the people that had stayed there. This absent presence was a motivating factor in making this film. The words of Franz Kafka speak for themselves and it was the strange mix of humour and despair that attracted me.
Biography Ansuya Blom Ansuya Blom works as an artist using the media of drawing and film. Her work focuses on the individual and the relation to the internal as well as the external world. ?The first person singular? is used by way of thinking about the position of the individual. Ansuya Blom is interested in the strategies this individual adopts in dealing with anxieties that are induced by alienation. In her films the world is seen through the protagonists` eyes and heard through their voices. Ansuya Blom`s work has been exhibited extensively in both galleries and museums in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Solo-exhibitions of her work have been held at Camden Art centre, London, Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The Museum of Modern Art in New York has been among the venues where her films have been screened. She is an advisor at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam.