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Mario asef
revolution after revolution
Experimental doc. | dv | color | 14'0'' | Argentina / Romania | 2006
The short film "Revolution after Revolution" was filmed in three Romanian towns. (Sibiu, Pitesti, Bucharest). He shows how media strategies are assimilated and integrated into society and are thus a part of our everyday lives. The modern architecture of the sixties is the setting in which the inhabitants are as actors. The ideology of a utopian celebration gives a content to the forms, which represent modern life and are an allegory for the "revolution".
Mario Asef was born in 1971 in Cordoba in Argentina. he lives in Berlin. he has a degree from the University of Architecture and Urban Development of Cordoba in Argentina, from the Academy of Visual Arts in Karlsruhe in Germany, Chelsea College of Art and design in London and has also a Master of Art from the University of berlin.