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Vicente blanco
The Proll Thing
Animation, Experimental | dv | color | 3'27'' | Spain | 2006
The project ?The proll thing? comprises an animated video on two screens, and a video recorded with a handy phone. The idea is to distribute the narrative into different media, and see how this information acquires different levels in the exhibition space. The artist?s starting point was the Kino International restaurant in East Berlin. This building?s current ?image policy? prohibits taking photographs inside of it (although it is open to the public during film screenings). The author thought about animation as the medium to depict the inside of the building, since it would be possible to recreate the interior in such a way as to mix reality and fiction. To make this setting, he integrated different elements, some of them real, others imaginary, creating new situations. The drawings for the video?s sets were based on a series of postcards which are sold as souvenirs at the entrance to the cinema.
Vicente Blanco was born in Cee, Spain, and graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Pontevedra (University of Vigo). He has been awarded the following grants, among others, a scholarship to further his training at the CGU in Los Angeles, a Generation 2000 project grant awarded by Caja Madrid and the Unión Fenosa Grant and Beca Endesa, which allowed him to live in Berlin. He has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, most notably in Urbanitas in MARCO (Vigo), ¿Viva pintura! In Salzburg (Austria) and 16 x 16, 16 proyectos de arte español, curated by María de Corral for ARCO?06. His main solo exhibitions were held at the CGAC in 2003 (Lo que se espera de nosotros) at the Espacio Uno of the Reina Sofía Museum ?MNCARS? in 2004 (Alguna vez pasa cuando estáis dormidos) and at the Elba benitez Gallery (Otra vez algo nuevo), 2006.