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Rina sherman
Ovaryange tji veya
Documentary | dv | color | 30'0'' | South Africa / Namibia | 2006
"Ovaryange tji veya / Quand les invités arrivent" is about the relationship between Rina Sherman, filmmaker and ethnographer, and an Omuhimba family with whom she lived for seven years, filming and photographing aspects of their everyday and ritual lives. Halfway through her tenure in the field, Rina Sherman presented a multimedia exhibition, entitled "The Ovahimba Years: Work in Progress" in Windhoek, Namibia. A group of young people from the community of Etanga participated in the exhibition. The film explores the evolution of this relationship that lead to the exhibition; shows the group of young people discovering the presentation of their cultural heritage at the exhibition, with performances as part of the programme presented; and shows the resulting discussions and consequences of the exhibition once everyone is back in Ovahimba country. "Ovaryange Tji Veya" is a film about an anthropologist in situ, and evokes several notions central to fieldwork, such as the nature of the bond between the observer and the observed, the observed observer, participant-anthropology, and emotion as a possible vector or hindrance in fieldwork.
Rina Sherman was born in the 60s in Cape Town, South-Africa. Exiled from her birth country, she settled in France in 1984 where she has been living and working ever since. A musician by training, she became aware that the sole won?t fulfil her expectations and turned to theater, television and film-making. In 1988, she completed a doctorate at La Sorbonne, supervised by Jean Rouch. Writer, film-maker and anthropologist, Rina Sherman has initiated several cultural projects. In 1997, she was awarded a Lavoisier Research Bursary by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for « Les Années Ovahimba » . This pluridisciplinary long-term research project aimed at creating a living trace of the Ovahimba cultural heritage. In 2003, after a first exhibition at Windhoek in Namibia, she extended her research to the entire Otjiherero socio-linguistic area, of which the Ovahimbas are members. She is currently writing and editing films about her seven years spent in Southern Africa