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Freja Sofie kirk, kjær esben weile
Industries of Freedom
Doc. expérimental | mov | couleur | 13'36'' | Danemark | 2020
Industries of Freedom portrays a group of dancers who work at the biggest EDM night club in the world - Privilege. The dancers are being lifted up in cranes, carried over a beach in the mouth of an inflatable shark, or are hovering under the ceiling in the club. We experience how their bodies transform into scenographic objects, that merge with the rest of the stage construction. In Industries of Freedom, the night club is presented both as a workplace with strictly defined roles and as a space wherein one can live out notions of freedom and ecstasy, which is nonetheless strictly choreographed by the commercial logics of the entertainment industry.
Esben Weile Kjær and Freja Sofie Kirk both work in visual arts with various medias including film, photography, sculpture and performance. For the past five years, they have collaborated on several film projects, exploring identity, pop culture and image production. Their work have been represented in The National Gallery of Denmark, ARoS Museum of Modern Art, Kunsthal Aarhus, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, The Factory for Art and Design and featured on platforms such as i-D, Tissue Magazine, Indechs and Out Magazine. FREJA SOFIE KIRK BIO Freja Sofie Kirk (born 1990) is an artist based in Copenhagen. Working with video, photography and sculpture, and often in combination with each other, her work explores narratives, popular culture and how images generate meaning in contemporary society. Freja Sofie Kirk has a background in film and photography and through the work with two-dimensional representations of the world, she has attained a sincere interest in the meaning of images and also an urge to dissolve or transform them into material qualities. Her works contain a constant interplay, between materiality and the mechanic, the sensuous and its absence, reality and the unreal. They are simultaneously both visually seductive and disturbing, but none the less, are they an image of the symptoms that our present reality leaves us with. ESBEN WEILE KJÆR BIO Esben Weile Kjær (born 1992) is an artist based in Copenhagen. Spanning sculpture, video and performance, his work draws on the history of pop culture and pop music to investigate themes of nostalgia, authenticity, and generational anxiety. In an attentive though reckless visual language, he investigates today’s event economy, often focusing on marketing tactics and the aesthetics of the entertainment industry. Mainly to consider art’s relationship to its surrounding culture industries. As such, his work attempts to not only mimic other cultural modes of performance (such as those found in raves, protests, press conferences, and ballets), but become performative pop culture in its own right—often through interventions in public and commercial space, using props such as podiums, confetti canons, fences, and party lasers.