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Gregory bennett
Edifice I
Animation | mp4 | color | 8'35'' | New Zealand | 2020
‘Edifice I’ is an 8:35 minute experimental 3D animation. The work is situated in an art practice that that embraces 3D computer animation and the digital body to explore themes and tensions around nature and culture, the utopian and the dystopian, through the rendering of complex digital ecosystems. The term ‘edifice’ can refer to both a large, imposing building, and a long-established complex system of beliefs. ‘Edifice I’ is the latest in an ongoing series of works by the artist that imagine infinitely revolving Babel-like tower structures situated in an infinite void. Homogeneous human figures appear only intermittently, precariously overwhelmed or trapped by the, at times, unstable superstructure. The tower simulates at times a machine in perpetual motion, without obvious purpose. Although resembling a fortress, it is rendered as a permeable and contingent structure, at times in a state of unstable flux, an embodiment the fragility of utopian desire and impermanence of human endeavour.
Gregory Bennett is a New Zealand/Aotearoa-born and based digital artist who explores conceptions of the utopian and dystopian through representations of the multiplied digital body. He uses 3D animation in a creative practice which encompasses video, motion capture, projection mapping, and virtual reality. Bennett has exhibited internationally in the USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and Europe. Exhibitions include ‘real-fake.org.2.0’ at the BronxArtSpace, New York; the 2019 ‘Rencontres Internationales, New Cinema and Contemporary Art’ in Paris and Berlin; the 2016 International Symposium on Electronic Art in Hong Kong; the ‘Supernova’ Digital Animation Festival in Denver, USA; and the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Australia. He was a finalist in the 7th Screengrab International Media Arts Award in Australia in 2015 and was selected for ‘Narracje 2013, Installations and Interventions in Public Space’ in Gdansk, Poland, and the Video Contemporary exhibition at the 2015 Sydney Contemporary International Art Fair. His work was paired with Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s ‘Imaginary Prisons’ print series for a show at AALA Gallery, Los Angeles in 2018. Bennett has a Masters degree from the University of Auckland, and is currently Head of Department for Digital Design and Visual Arts at the Auckland University of Technology.