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Mona vatamanu, florin tudor
Omnia Communia Deserta
Experimental doc. | mp4 | color | 29'0'' | Romania | 2020
The film investigates, analyses the theme of efficient modernity whose last consequence will be extinction, Ovidiu Tichindeleanu's speech having as background, motive, the post-apocalyptic present of the Omnia Hall, which thus acquires the meaning of a warning: we are again at the end of a road, that of the cult of production.
Mona V?t?manu (b. 1968) and Florin Tudor (b. 1974) work and live in Bucure?ti. Their practice consists of attentive observation and taking notice of material elements of reality. They often choose from it that which is ephemereal, small, marginal as dust, rust, fire, fluff from the tree’s seeds, soil. The work of the artists with such material can be a starting point for questioning social relations, technological and economic changes, political conflicts.