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Kaja leijon
Fiction | hdv | color | 10'0'' | Norway / | 2012
Wasteland ? synopsis: Wasteland is a film that consists of short episodes. The structure of the film gives impression of a loose narration, but the episodes have a common thread which becomes clearer throughout the film. The film investigates how our fantasy and imagination is affected by film, and how people in everyday life integrate images from fiction into their own lives. The film attempts to understand how preconceived conceptions influences the way we see and interpret our surroundings.
Kaja Leijon is born in Tromsø, 1980, and now lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She is educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts. During her education she participated in several exchange programs, among those at CalArts, US. Leijon works with film and photography. Leijon recently had a solo exhibition at Trøndelag senter for samtidskunst. Her films have been screened at international exhibitions and film festivals such as; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Kunsthalle in Mainz, Luis Adelantado Gallery, Videonale and Kasseler Dokumentar und videofest.