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Ariane loze
Nein weil wir
Video | hdv | color | 18'11'' | Belgium / Germany | 2019
Collective consciousness has built itself up over the centuries, but society's boat is sailing on the seas of globalization. Voices sometimes very old warn us about the risks that men incur, when they are handed over to excess. The video features fragments of these discourses, which from generation to generation have brought fervor and citizen hope, in front of an empty room, symbol of our desertion in front of realities, sign of our increasing capitulation, expression of our renunciation. Outside, it rains more and more and a terrible wind rises. Climate change is on the horizon ... Increase the speed!
Ariane Loze, Belgium 1988. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium Since 2008 Ariane Loze researches the coming to life of a story out of seemingly unrelated images with her camera. In these series of videos she takes on all the parts: she is at the same time the actress, the camerawoman and the director. Through the editing of the images she develops a relation between two (or more) characters and the architecture. The videos of Ariane Loze put the spectator in the active role of creating his/her own story out of the basic principles of film editing: shot and counter-shot, the presumed continuity of movement, and the psychological suggestion of a narrative. The filming of these videos has been made public as a ongoing performance. Ariane Loze studied theatre direction at the RITCS Brussels, and took part in a.pass (Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies) in Antwerp. She is laureate of the HISK (Higher Institute for Fine Arts) Ghent 2016-17. Recent exhibition projects include Videoformes Clermont-Ferrand (2015), Traverse Vidéo Toulouse FRAC Midi-Pyrénées (2015), Medienwerkstatt Berlin (2016), S.M.A.K. Etcetera Ghent (2016), Boghossian Fondation Brussels (2016), De Appel "You are such a curator" Amsterdam (2016), "Kunst om de lijf" Emergent Veurne, New York Anthology Film Archive AXW screening (2017), Watch this Space Biennale #9 Lille Brussels (2017), Gemischte Gefühle Tempelhof Berlin (2017), Salon de Montrouge Paris (2018), RIBOCA Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art (2018), Moscow Biennial of Young Art (2108) KANAL Centre Pompidou Brussels (2018). Solo exhibition at Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, Paris, exhibition at Gallery Michel Rein Paris (2019), Urbane Künst Ruhr – Ruhr Ding : Territorien curated by Britta Peters Oberhausen (2019), Solo exhibition De Vereniging S.M.A.K., Ghent (2019), Solo exhibition Gallery Michel Rein Brussels (2019). Ariane Loze’s videos got selected for the Movimenta Video Art prize in Nice (2017), and the Prix Médiatine Brussels (2016) and got awarded at the Art Contest Brussels (2015), by the Art For All Society of Macau (2016), Côté Court Festival Pantin (2017), Watch this Space Biennale #9 (2017) and Salon de Montrouge (2018) Ariane Loze will be resident at ISCP New York on the invitation of the Salomon Foundation in from January until June 2020.