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Pip chodorov
The Stranger
Experimental fiction | 16mm | color | 9'19'' | USA / Romania | 2018
Romanian fairy tales usually start with the sentence: “Once upon a time something happened, if it hadn’t happened it couldn’t be told”. In this fairy tale, a stranger visits the remote mountain village of Slon. This film was made at an annual ten-day filmmaking residency in Slon. As a stranger myself, first time to Romania, with only four days to shoot and four days to edit, I wrote this modern-day fairy tale to coincide with my fantasy idea of what my unpredictable visit to the village would be like.
Pip Chodorov. Born April 13, 1965 in New York. Filmmaking and music composition since 1972. Studied cognitive science at the University of Rochester, NY and film semiotics at the University of Paris, France. Work in film distribution - previously Orion Classics, NYC; UGC, Paris; Light Cone, Paris; and, currently, Re:Voir Video, Paris, which he founded in 1994 and The Film Gallery, the first art gallery devoted excusively to experimental film. He is also co-founder of L`Abominable, a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab in Paris, and the moderator of the internet-based forum on experimental film, FrameWorks.