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Dagmar schÜrrer
Vidéo expérimentale | mov | couleur | 3'48'' | Autriche / Allemagne | 2020
The narrator in the moving image work GALAXY is technology itself. The story is generated by an algorithm and offers an interpretation of the brief meeting of the two characters Touch and Long Swipe, an encounter of love and disappointment. Small deviations in the language and the narrative logic reveal our social imprint of how stories are expected to be told and how technology is programmed to follow these perceptions. The mise en scéne is a computer-generated galaxy of objects and images reminiscent of the organic, but dismembered and fragmented, reflecting on the possibility of creating new worlds and stories in digital space by following a subjective system of ordering.
Dagmar Schürrer is a media artist based in Berlin, Germany. The digital image, found and generated, is her material to form a visual language beyond analogue perception. She assembles found footage, digitally generated objects and animations, text, drawings and sound to form intricate video sound montages, presented on screen, as installations or combined with new technologies such as augmented reality. She holds a degree in Fine Art from Central Saint Martin´s College in London, UK. Her work has been exhibited internationally, amongst others at the New Contemporaries at the ICA London, the Moscow Biennale for Young Art, at the Museum of Waste in Changsha, China, the Transmediale Vorspiel in Berlin and LUX moving image London. Her videos have been screened at numerous festivals: SUPERNOVA in Denver, Seattle Film Festival, the Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Horn Experimental Film Festival in Israel, Tricky Women Festival in Vienna, or the Diagonale Film Festival in Graz. In recent years she received the Goldrausch Scholarship of the Senate of Berlin and was shortlisted for the Berlin Art Prize and the Tenderpixel Award in London.