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Roberto collÍo
Muerte Blanca
Animation | 16mm | black and white | 17'20'' | Chile | 2014
White death is the impressionist portrait of a landscape marked by tragedy. A ghostly stroll among the vestiges of a story where forty-four young soldiers and one sergeant were pushed to their deaths in the mountainous region of Antuco.
Roberto Collío – 25 November 1986, Santiago (Chile) Graduated of Integral Realization of Film and Television from Center of Cinematographic Research. While studying in Argentina he wrote and directed his first short film "Hombre muerto", an adaptation exercise based on the homonymous short story by Horacio Quiroga. Roberto Collío returned to Chile on 2009, where he participate as sound mixer in several film, both documentary and fiction. During 2013, Collío directs his second short film, "Muerte Blanca", an experimental documentary that chronicles the tragedy of Antuco. Currently Collío is developing his first feature, a documentary called “Petit Frère". The project, co ¬directed with Rodrigo Robledo and produced by Isabel Orellana, is a playful approach to the idea of identity, built in the fantastic imaginary writing of a haitian immigrant.