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Soufiane adel
Les Bonnes
Video | hdv | color | 8'0'' | France | 2015
Le long de la nuit. Deux jeunes garçons sont dehors. Ils gardent un studio de cinéma. Ils sont frères. Seuls, la lune et un tigre les accompagnent pour traverser ce temps.
Soufiane Adel was born in 1981 in Algeria. He arrived in France a the age of 8. He discovers cinema while studying industrial design at the ENSCI school. It was not by chance : he spent his childhood watching Jean-Claude Van Damme and the New Hollywood’s movies. He has his first meeting with Italian neorealism and experimental cinema at the age of 20, and so begins his cinephilia, self taught, random and compulsive. In 2004, he decides to film his father, and asks him to play a scene they have already experienced together. This will be his fist short movie : “Nuits Closes”. “La Cassette”, then “Kamel s’est suicide six fois, son père est mort” followed afterwards. Since 2009, he codirects his movies with Angela Terrail, with whom he works ever since “La cassette”. They directed “Sur la tête de Bertha Boxcar” and are currently preparing a feature length film, a contemporary adaptation of Jack London’s “Martin Eden”.