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Filip markiewicz
Fake Fiction
Experimental fiction | hdv | color | 26'7'' | Luxembourg / Switzerland | 2018
Fake Fiction is initially a theater play that became a film produced in 2017 by the Theater Basel. Filip Markiewicz wrote the dialogues in reference to the events that happened during the period of time, the terror attacks, the European mirgant crisis and the rise of populist movements and fake news...
Filip Markiewicz (born in 1980) is a multidisciplinary Luxembourg artist of Polish origin, who expresses himself through different mediums, including drawing, video and installation. Always seeking explanations for our daily lives, he explores the omnipresence of images and puts into perspective the message they convey. He submits current issues to a critical and political approach, and thus emphasizes the emptiness of our world submerged by visual overproduction where information becomes reality rather than the opposite. In 2015, Markiewicz represented Luxembourg at the 56th Venice Biennale with Paradiso Lussemburgo.