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Levy dana
Dead World Order
Video | hdv | color | 6'30'' | Israel / France | 2012
Filmed in Maison de l`Armateur, One of the few houses in Le Havre, France that remained in tact after the city was almost completely destroyed in the allied bombings of 1944. The tower like mansion is a kind of museum. A woman, the curator, is rigorously organizing objects. All kinds of dishes, globes, shells, sculptures, paintings, taxidermy animals, maps, ship models etc... There is something obsessive about her preciseness and the time she invests in placing each item. It is clear that despite the objects useful proposes, they are not being used, lifeless. The more she organizes them, the more she kills them. The work is about a nostalgia to a world that no longer exists, and perhaps never did. The house is built like a spiral, where each floor has more and more rooms, full of treasures that all tell the story of western colonialism, particularly French 19th century bourgeoisie objects, with curiosity cabinets full of exotic oddities from faraway conquered lands. The woman seems to have a special relationship to the objects. Her love and care for the objects, also express her love of the culture she belongs to. The film makes references to suspense movies, such as Hitchcock Vertigo. And the soundtrack is based parts of Bernard Hermann?s Psycho soundtrack.
Born in Tel Aviv, lives in New York Levy?s solo exhibitions include World Order, Center For Contemporary Arts, Tel Aviv (2012); The Wake/ Silent Among Us, Loop Fair, Barcelona (2012); Wild Thing, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NYC (2010); and Dreams & Disasters, Habres+Partner Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2009). Her group exhibitions include Unnatural, Bass Museum of Art, Miami (2012); Art and Social Activism, Nicholas Cohn Art Projects, Long Island City, NY (2012); Magic Lantern: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2012); Lush Life, Invisible-Exports Gallery, NYC (2010); and Trembling Time: Recent Videos from Israel, Tate Modern, London (2010). Levy was awarded residencies by the LMCC in 2012, Omi International Arts Center (2011), the I-Park Residency Program (2011), and the Institut Francais/Triangle Arts Association (2010), and received the Young Artist Award by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel (2008). She received her B.A. from Camberwell College of Art and her Post Graduate Diploma from Duncan of Jordanstone ? College of Art, Dundee University.