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Sidse carstens
Video | hdv | color | 8'25'' | Denmark / | 2012
In the video "Contact" Sidse Carstens seeks to change our collective awareness of Marilyn Monroe through rituals and manifestations in collaboration with performance artist Ramona Macho and a spiritual medium.
"Contact" has been exhibited i connection with "Mirror Mirror" at The Black Diamant, Copenhagen.
Sidse Carstens lives and works as film director and visual artist in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Main themes in the works of Sidse Carstens are displacement and transformation. Through film, video and images she examines the transition between fiction and reality. 
She is educated as an animation director from The National Film School of Denmark. Sidse Carstens is a member of the Danish Film Directors Association, and her work is supported by i.a. The Danish Filminstitute / filmworkshop and The Danish Arts Agency. Her films are exhibited and screened both in Denmark and internationally. Together with the Danish writer Katrine Grünfeld, she is the director of an artists? workspace and salon in Copenhagen.